Just a short note to thank you for your assistance in the recently exchanged sale of our practice.

I am acutely aware of how protracted the process was from February onwards and I suspect without your guiding hand we may not have seen it through to an exchange.

No need for any more evening telephone calls and I can now enjoy my dinner and look forward to having more time at home and hopefully a less stressful working life.

We are genuinely looking forward to our new roles at the successor practice.

We both wish you continued success.

J.H. – Tyne & Wear

Tyne & Wear

Thank you for your guidance and support in the course of this transaction and for your introduction to two possible buyers.

We particularly appreciate your familiarity with the issues involved, the speed with which the transaction took place and your availability outside office hours when, necessarily, much of the communication took place.

We are pleased with the results and with your assistance throughout.

H.F. – Oxfordshire


Dear Neville,

The decision to place one’s practice up for sale is a difficult one charged with a sense of failure and deep disappointment that matters have reached a stage where it is impractical to continue as a small two partner conveyancing practice in the current economic and professional indemnity climate.

However, from the first point of contact you have been supportive and encouraging. The time frame was extremely tight and you were gently cajoling to ensure you were supplied with the necessary information in a timely manner, but without being overbearing or irritatingly demanding.  You have kept in touch regularly by phone and email to keep everything on track.

You were able to present a number of opportunities, and I am delighted that we have been able to find a solution which provides the clients with continuity and Stephen and myself a respectable income to lead us gently into the decision to finally retire in a few years’ time.

Stephen, who has expressed a desire for many years now to retire or reduce his hours, appears invigorated and looking forward to his commitment to continue for another year at least.

C.R – Hertfordshire


I wanted to write to you to thank you very much for your considerable assistance in the successful introduction of MediationMK to investors. As you are aware MediationMK as a Charity has been in existence for over 25 years and while we have survived financial issues in the past, Covid, like many businesses was the final nail in the coffin. We had been unable to get financial support from any other sources and like a number of other legally aided mediation services we were facing closure.

I suggested to my fellow directors that I should reach out to services, such as yours, to see whether a law firm or such like would be interested in taking us over. I was very much on my own on this as they didn’t think anyone would be! It was “pot luck” I found you via Google and out of about 10 services I contacted, only three, including yourself, had the courtesy of even responding and it was only you that took up the challenge.

You found not only one but two possible interested parties. Throughout the process you kept me fully informed, assisted in negotiations and even went the extra mile of sitting in on zoom meetings between us to help smooth the way!

The fact you were prepared, as we are a Charity, to offer your services to us for free, speaks volumes for your ethical and professional approach to our dilemma.

I would highly recommend you and your firm for anyone seeking mergers and acquisitions and feel free to produce this as a reference to any prospective client or to your QMS regulators.


Neville was very pleasant, professional and very thorough in his approach and although a sale took some time as it was in a difficult market, Neville’s persistence won the day.

If anyone is looking to sell a legal practice I would recommend Law Mergers and Neville Dinshaw without reservation.

A.M. Merseyside

I just wanted to take a little time to thank you again for all of your efforts on our behalf in securing the sale of our business.

From the outset and throughout you were always immediately available to deal with matters as they arose, whatever the day or time.  I was particularly grateful for your support, insight and sensitivity to my situation.

I am very conscious of the fact that this was by no means a straightforward process and that it was only as a result of your hard work and dogged persistence that the deal was actually completed.  I am, and shall remain, deeply grateful to you.  I am still baffled as to how you were able to remain so calm and patient throughout the process!

We are now a week or so into the new regime and whilst there will be challenges ahead, I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted.  I have a renewed enthusiasm and real optimism for the future.  The fact that I am able to say this is in no small was thanks to you.

I would not hesitate to recommend you and indeed would actively encourage anyone in a similar situation to my own to consult you.


D.L. – Staffordshire

We wanted to express our thanks for all your efforts in getting the sale through satisfactorily.  But for your perseverance and professionalism it might have been a different story altogether.  We are very happy to recommend your services to others.

M.D. – Middlesex

I would like to take the opportunity of expressing my appreciation of all that you did to dispose of my practice and for your helpful advice and assistance throughout the process.

M.C. – Hertfordshire

I was very happy with the level of service provided including your awareness of what was required and availability.

I have already recommended you to a local firm.

S.M. – Surrey

Gradually, it is beginning to dawn on me that responsibility for the practice and the staff has passed elsewhere, giving me the opportunity to start planning for an non-working retirement.

I have found your help and support invaluable, together with a prompt and efficient service throughout.

G.P. – Norfolk

Now we have reached the end of our business on the sale of my practice, I would like to thank you for all the work you have done to enable the sale to go through.

I have appreciated your diligence and attention to detail throughout the period before and during the transaction on the sale in spite of the current market difficulties for the sale of a practice such as mine.

I would certainly recommend your firm to anyone looking to dispose of their legal practice.

P.B. – Anglesey

I instructed Neville Dinshaw of Law Mergers & Acquisitions to assist me with selling the firm.  Throughout the process Neville was always available to talk even whilst on a family holiday abroad.

Ultimately, he introduced me to a Firm with a similar business approach and mind-set as my own and the merger was completed.

I would not hesitate to recommend Neville Dinshaw of LMA to anybody considering a sale or merger.

P.D. – Hampshire

Following completion of the sale the law practice, I would like to express our thanks for your role in achieving the sale.

I am certain that without your tenacity and commitment to seeing the matter through that it would not have happened!

You made yourself available for any queries on the transaction, predicted possible difficulties and were imaginative in coming up with suggestions to resolve issues encountered along the way.

Thank you very much.

G.W. – Hertfordshire

Now that the dust is beginning to settle on the sale of our shares in the firm, I wanted to thank you again for all you did to bring our plans to fruition.

Over an extended period, you provided careful advice, attention to detail, and a most professional approach to the support you gave us. We always felt that you were there to help us, and I have no doubt that your practical approach helped us achieve a successful completion.

We would have no hesitation in recommending your firm to other solicitors looking to sell their practices.

T.H. – Gloucestershire

Having now completed the sale of my practice, I just wanted to write to thank you for the enormous contribution you made ensuring the deal actually went through.

You were there to speak to early in the morning all the way through to late at night, and even on your holiday too!  You were always calm, efficient and professional throughout whilst also being extremely supportive and reassuring.  I certainly couldn’t have done it without you.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone wishing to sell their practice.

C.P. – Hertfordshire

I would like to thank you for all your work and effort in achieving the sale of our practice.  From our initial meeting I felt that your approach was both friendly and professional and you inspired confidence throughout what was always going to be a traumatic process for us.

You were always patient with us in our producing the information you needed to draft the excellent profile for prospective buyers.  We also made use of the helpful precedent documents which were easily tailored to our needs and that of the buyer.

More than anything you always had time for us, including at weekends and in the evenings and were happy to always deal with all our questions and yet you still gave us the space we needed to make any decisions.  The final result exceeded our expectations.

P.G. SW London

I was most impressed at the thorough and professional way you dealt with the sale and the remarkable ease at which you found not just one but two potential purchasers. You helped me through the negotiations very well and I am sure it is largely thanks to your company and your advice that a satisfactory conclusion was arrived at.

N.G. – Oxfordshire

We originally instructed Law Mergers & Acquisitions to sell our practice and we were immediately impressed with your thorough approach to the process.

The information you collated, and the way in which it was presented, clearly demonstrated your experience and the detailed knowledge you have of the legal industry.

A good number of prospective purchasers were introduced to us and all negotiations with them were handled perfectly by you and we were kept fully informed of all developments.

For our own reasons, we subsequently decided not to proceed with a sale at that time.

When we decided to re-start the process and looked to sell our WIP, you quickly picked up where you had left, and smoothly moved the position forward.  A successful agreement for the sale of the WIP has now been agreed to our complete satisfaction.

Instructing your firm was one of the best moves we have made as you did a fantastic job for us and we were all tremendously impressed with your professionalism and impeccable knowledge of the information required to enable a smooth and quick sale to be achieved.

We would un-reservedly recommend Law Mergers & Acquisitions to anyone considering a sale of their practice or files and we are happy that this testimonial is shown to prospective clients.

B.M. – Merseyside

We wish to express our gratitude for the efficient, thorough and business-like way you handled this matter for us.

We have been very pleased with the response. You have helped us to come to a satisfactory conclusion.

R.B. – Cardiff

It is not often one says “I have pleasure” in writing out such a large cheque but it is true in this case. You were tireless in seeking the resolution we were looking for, and I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone else in a similar position to ourselves.

Three points in particular stand out:-

1) Although the firm we eventually merged with is local, and it is tempting to think I could simply have picked up the phone to their Managing Partner, this would not have worked at all. They were not looking to our city for expansion, but rather in the opposite direction, and it was only when the case was properly presented to them, professionally, in public, via yourselves, that they were made aware and found the proposition attractive.

2) You were most assiduous in preparing our profile, and then going through every point in tireless detail, to present our situation accurately, but also at its best.

3) Every process of this nature needs a driving force, and you provided that. If it had been left to the parties themselves, matters might well have drifted.

I say there were three items, but there is in fact a fourth, and that is managing the expectations, not only of the acquiring party, but also of the disposing party, in this case ourselves. Everyone has a slightly rose-tinted view of their own situation, which is not always apparent to a potential merger partner.

In the end, we have achieved what we all wished for, i.e. continuity, retirement for those that wanted it, expansion for the new partners, all employees keeping their jobs, and satisfactory terms.

A.E. – Gloucestershire

Now that the sale of my firm has completed, I wanted to thank you for all your hard work to achieve this. I am very pleased with the outcome which more than matches my criteria for the sale.

I have been very impressed with your attention to detail, your support and understanding of my situation and would not have been able to take this forward without your expertise. Right from our very first meeting, I felt confident in your service, which was borne out as we progressed. Creating the Firm’s Profile took considerable work, but undoubtedly impressed the buyer. Time was important to me and you helped me meet my deadline and gave me very sound advice throughout. I particularly valued the fact that you made yourself available in the evenings and weekends to talk on the phone or attend meetings, giving the whole process your attention which really helped.

I can’t say that this has been easy as I have found selling my firm after 22 years quite a strain, but with your help in finding an excellent buyer, I am very clear that I have done the right thing and would not hesitate to recommend you.

A.W. – Middlesex

We could not be more comfortable with our merger partner, even had we had many weeks and months to achieve the end result.

The circumstances in our needing to achieve a speedy merger were as you know very pressured, given the circumstances of Richard’s sudden and chronic ill health, necessitating his immediate retirement from practice. Having mused in an abstract way about the possibilities for succession in future, with my husband and business partner in hospital and very ill, I was suddenly faced with the challenging reality of needing to merge immediately or ‘turn off the lights’ and leave our clients without alternative high quality professional legal support.

You pulled out all the stops in ensuring that we prepared properly and thoroughly for presenting the firm to potentially interested merger partners and you came up with six potential parties whom we met at interview together. I felt confident that we worked well together in those meetings and your professional views were of great help. You listened well, gave me your honest and frank opinion at all times and worked extremely hard for us and made yourself available well beyond the call of duty. I cannot thank you enough and would very much recommend your company to others.

H.H. – London

I write to thank you for your all your hard work in dealing with the sale of my late father’s law firm following his recent unexpected death.

At the time I first contacted you things looked truly daunting. In our initial consultation you explained the whole process to me. Your candor, integrity and your grasp of the difficult situation I was in were immediately clear to me. From that time on there was never any doubt as to your commitment to reaching a swift and straightforward conclusion.

During the marketing of the practice and negotiations with the buyers I found you to be honest, diligent, discreet and conscientious. You have achieved an excellent outcome in a remarkably short space of time.

I was very pleased with the service you provided and I would have no hesitation in recommending you in future.

B.S. – Gloucestershire

Your service throughout has been exemplary being both professional and personal.

I can honestly say that I have never had such a professional and dedicated service from any other company and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to others.

C.H. – Teeside

I have had a business relationship with Neville which now stretches back over five years. He is an expert in his field. He is tenacious and persistent. His advice is always frank and clear.

Having now acquired three practices through Neville’s firm, and reviewed several others which he has brought to market, and seen first-hand his valuation work on a number of occasions, I cannot recommend Neville and his organisation highly enough. His expertise is simply invaluable.

My hope is that when the day comes to sell my practice he is still doing what he does best which is selling law firms.

P.G. – Yorkshire

You made the suggestion during the meeting that I should speak to my indemnity insurance broker to clarify the position in relation to run-off cover. The broker confirmed the advice you have given and I must say that that advice alone makes your visit worthwhile from my point of view.

I will be able to carry on now with my negotiations with a local firm and I am in a much better position to do that thanks to your advice.

V.C – Cornwall

I would like to commend and thank you for your excellent services. Within I week of instruction, I was surprised to receive a draft report for my attention and approval. I was very impressed with the speed, accuracy and proficiency of your services. I received regular updates throughout the whole process of valuation. I was even more impressed with the friendly attitude and the professional practical advice that I received outside of office hours.

I will be quick to recommend your company to any of my colleagues should they require your services. It has been a pleasure instructing you.

S.L. – West Midlands

It is not easy to choose somebody to sell your own business and I chose you because I was impressed by the speed with which you answered my first call and the response you made to my initial questions. From then on, my confidence in you only grew. Your assiduous attention to my needs and this sale was top-class. If I was selling another business or recommending to anyone who was proposing to merge or sell their business, without doubt I would recommend you. You seem to work a 24-hour day seven days a week even when you are on holiday! Anybody in my position cannot ask for more.

I was impressed by the fact that you were prepared to advise me not to negotiate with an interested party because you felt that they would not be suitable; that is rare and you were right. I was impressed by the fact that when I indicated a preference to you, you kept the other irons in the fire warm just in case matters did not proceed. Also that when terms had been agreed in principle, you sent excellent guidance information which gave me a lot of reassurance and helped progress the negotiations to a successful conclusion.

D.M. – East Sussex

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for all the help and support that your company gave me
throughout the whole process of selling my business. I found that you company made everything as simple and stress free as is possible with such an endeavour.

From the very start you explained everything fully and helpfully and provided procedure documents etc which helped enormously to ensure I contacted / dealt with everything that was required to sell a law firm.

The service you provided was second to none and you were incredibly thorough and pro-active throughout. Your efforts to find the right buyer, taking into account the nature of my business and my own somewhat romantic expectations were tailored to me personally and you provided fantastic support throughout the whole transaction.

I can only thank you most sincerely for all your help and say that I would recommend your company to anybody who is looking to sell or buy a law firm. I also know that the buyer in my case was thoroughly impressed with the way your company handled everything.

L.D. – Yorkshire

Many thanks for all your help and support throughout what has been a very intense and challenging process due to the very short timetable to put this sale to bed. From our first contact through to the end you were good to your word in terms of the availability of hours from 8am to l0pm at night and quite often it was close to the 10pm that we spoke on the phone to keep ourselves updated and progress the transaction. You always really listened and gave back some good advice even if at times it might not have been something I had wanted to actually take on board.

I wish you well for the future and thank you once again for both your professional and commercially astute service.

P.M. – Cornwall

I found your assistance of great value and in particular the meeting at our offices was most informative for us and helped us greatly in deciding the best way forward for the practice. Your knowledge of the market place and your experience of managing these difficult situations impressed us immensely and I am very glad we secured your services.

I am delighted to say that we appear to have secured new work sources and so the future is looking very promising.

W.O. – Greater Manchester

Thank you very much for the valuation report you prepared for me and for the follow up conversation that we had.

As a result of both of these, the fog has cleared and we are now talking more usefully with the business that I asked you to look into.

I appreciate very much both the content and clarity of your report and also the totally painless way that it seems to have arrived on my desk after a single phone call to you out of the blue.

I am sure I will employ your services again.

S.M. – Oxfordshire

We are particularly pleased that you were able to take these instructions at short notice and provide a helpful and coherent response within a tight timetable at a cost which we consider to be reasonable in the circumstances.

We would have no hesitation in using you again and confirm that we have now recorded you within our system of approved experts in relation to this area of work.

D.B – East Sussex

As you know, the sale of this practice has been completed today and I would like to take this opportunity of expressing my heartfelt thanks to you both for all your valued assistance in bringing this matter to a successful conclusion.

When I initially placed the sale of the business in your hands, the credit crunch was just beginning to bite and I was somewhat concerned that it would prove to be difficult to find a buyer. However, following my initial meeting with Neville, he assured me that you would be able to dispose of the practice, even though the procedure might take somewhat longer than usual.

You then produced a most impressive Practice Profile and, indeed, I was surprised over the amount of detail which you included, such as a breakdown of property values in the local area. It was also clear from the outset that you were taking great care to ensure complete accuracy of all the financial information relating to the firm and, of course, this was updated at regular intervals so as to provide potential buyers with fully realistic figures.

Neville provided unstinting help with all the practical details of the sale, including the preparation of a draft Sale Agreement and also a suitable Consultancy Agreement.

As negotiations continued, he made himself available at all hours (including late in the evening on many occasions) to discuss and advise on various points arising, with the result that the documentation was agreed in a relatively short period.

When it came to exchanging contracts for the sale, Neville provided engrossments of the documentation and again made himself available at this office to ensure that everything went through smoothly.

Now that the sale has been completed, I must say that I feel a tremendous sense of relief, as it seemed only a few months ago that the possibility of being able to sell the practice was very slim indeed. Following the agreed consultancy period, there is now the prospect of my wife and I being able to enjoy a well-earned retirement and she has also asked me to pass on her heartfelt thanks to you both.

In conclusion, I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone else who is looking to dispose of their legal practice, as your professional and methodical approach achieved a thoroughly satisfactory outcome at the end of the day.

D .B. – Surrey

I wish to place on record my grateful thanks for a thoroughly detailed and professional report, being produced in a most timely fashion to our complete satisfaction. The report answered many of the questions which we had about the target firm and raised some interesting points for our further consideration.

I can report that the document is now being used for on-going discussions with a view to securing the acquisition.

I can wholeheartedly recommend your services.

P.G. – North Yorkshire

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance in connection with the sale of my practice. Your service was not only friendly but also professional and efficient. I could not have achieved the very excellent result without your help. The sale/purchase and consultancy agreements you drafted were particularly helpful. I will have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services to others should the occasion arise.

B.E. – South Yorkshire

You guidance, assistance and personal support in achieving the handover of my practice was more than I could have expected or even hoped for.

V.I. – Nottinghamshire

Further to the completion of our merger we thank you for all of your help in this matter. A potentially difficult process was made much less daunting and worrying. Clearly he starting point was the helpful valuation that you provided. This enabled us to make informed decisions as to our future strategy.

We were also pleased by the way that you took over and dealt with the advertising and marketing side of things.

In particular we would like to thank you for the support and guidance that you provided during our negotiations. This allowed us to reach mutually agreeable and mutually beneficial terms. An added advantage was the way that you facilitated our meetings with our prospective colleagues. This enabled us to start building harmonious relationships that are now a real benefit to the merged organization.

We are all very pleased at the outcome.

J.L. – London

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your very professional and efficient service and the support you have given me during al1the stages from the outset of the transaction. Apart from not knowing where to start with regard to the valuation of my practice, I am quite sure that I could not have achieved a sale with such a satisfactory result without your help. I shall have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services to others should the occasion arise and I have in fact already given your name to one of my colleagues who is considering retirement in the not too distant future.

K.E. – South Yorkshire

We feel that the business transaction would not have been so successfully completed if it had not been for your professional guidance over the period of negotiations.

The changeover of a business management structure at best can be quite traumatic so it is essential that professionalism via a third party is brought about to make this situation somewhat easier. We feel you have acted with the necessary professionalism and helpfulness in all of this.

H.C. – South Wales

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your very skilful help in identifying a buyer for us, bringing the matter to a swift exchange and supporting us throughout the period up to completion.

We appreciate that ours was not the most straightforward of transactions, and are certain that we could not have achieved the desired result (not to mention a very acceptable premium) without your professional assistance.

We enjoyed working with you and would be very happy indeed to recommend your services to anyone who might need them.

J.M. – East Sussex

I am delighted at the outcome of negotiations, particularly as I believe that the ultimate buyer of the practice is well suited to the type of practice which I had developed over the past thirty years.

I am now settling down to my new consultancy role. It seems strange not working eight days a week! – but I’m getting used to it very quickly. Once again, my grateful thanks for your assistance and expertise.

J.R. – West Yorkshire

I am grateful to you and your partner for the very professional way in which you arranged and conducted the sale and for your total support to me. You kept me fully informed of all the negotiations on my behalf and were present at the exchange of contracts.

E.H. – Gloucestershire

We write to thank you for your considerable help in selling our practice.

I was very impressed with your understanding of this Firm and the painstaking manner in which you took initial instructions from us together with your ability to market the practice and come up with potential purchasers.

I have to say that when you valued this practice you valued it at a higher figure than we had considered to be appropriate and what is more you achieved this valuation. Your negotiating ability significantly contributed to this.

The fact that you have kept both the purchaser and ourselves fully informed of developments at all times has contributed greatly to the successful outcome of this disposal.

C.H. – Berkshire

Following the successful conclusion of the sale of my Practice and its premises yesterday I wish to express my thanks to you both for all the trouble, help and attention which you gave and paid over the sale and for the extremely professional way in which the whole matter was dealt with.

It was a great comfort to know that you were both always there seemingly at all hours.

B.A. – Kent

A short belated note to thank you for your combined efforts in connection with the disposal of my practice. I only wish I had sought your advice when I purchased the practice since, with hindsight, I paid over the odds for it. I would certainly recommend that any purchaser had a valuation carried out and sought your professional assessment before committing themselves to any practice purchase.

Your negotiating skills are deserving of the highest compliments. In addition your provision of a pro forma sale contract assisted the process; the purchaser you located was able to conclude matters quickly and the basis you suggested for the sale was, I feel fair in the circumstances to both sides.

J.S. – London

We now recognise that selling a legal practice is not so easy as we might have thought many years ago. Profits are harder to earn, and we are hedged around by uncertainties for the profession as a whole. Some possible buyers lacked capital, some the all-round experience our practice needs, some were obviously expecting money to fall off trees. We had found this out when we first came to you for help, but you were able to assess our worth realistically, and we went from there. The result has been the full asking price that you advised, from an excellent pair of fellows we can trust to carry on the good name of the firm I founded over thirty years ago.

You promised to find us a buyer, and you delivered the goods, working very hard and patiently in the process. Your visits to the office for the critical meetings with the new men were particularly appreciated, and I think they really did help to bring about the final commitment.


I should like to thank you for all your help and guidance in the successful sale of my practice. Your help, guidance and hard work throughout have been greatly appreciated.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to other Lawyers.

J.K. – Yorkshire

I write to thank you for your considerable assistance in the disposal of our practice Before we instructed you I thought it unlikely that there were any purchasers for a practice such as ours. In the event you succeeded in finding five or six people who were interested in buying the practice and a purchaser who paid somewhat more than we had anticipated.

C.H. – Berkshire

I thank you for your assistance in the dispute between myself and my partners.

I confirm that without your involvement I believe the matter could well have gone to court. As a result of your involvement all parties have resolved their differences on an amicable basis.

The detailed valuation of goodwill and calculation of work in progress was a major factor in reaching a settlement between the parties.

I would commend your service to a practise in a similar position.

R.B. – Cardiff

Having been led by Mack Dinshaw through the new and somewhat bewildering maze of mergers, I can confidently recommend his knowledge and style to anyone thinking of embarking on the same journey.

From the moment we first met, Mack was at pains to stress the need for a thorough understanding of the practice in order to prepare a proper profile.

Such was the care that he took in finding a suitable “marriage partner” that the first profile I received met with success.

Mack Dinshaw was always at the end of a telephone to answer queries and concerns.

A.S.- Kent

I am writing this letter to thank you for your recent prompt and valued assistance given to me. The depth and scope of the report provided has been of great assistance to me. I will certainly revert to you should a similar situation arise in the future.

D.B. – East Sussex

Although I do not want to over-state your part in the valuation of my share in the partnership and the negotiations leading to leaving my firm, I have to say that without your considerable expertise and experience, I would never have achieved the result that we did.

Since I first came to see you just over three months ago, you guided me through the pitfalls that I might have fallen foul to. You gave me support and the right advice, put me in touch with the senior partner of another firm of solicitors who acted swiftly and effectively. The end result was that you achieved a very large increase in the offer that my ex-partners were making to me. There is no doubt that without your skill and knowledge I would never have achieved what I did. My career had reached a very important stage and your input was vital.

I thank you very much for all that you did for me. Your constant contact with me and advice on tactics was instrumental and very much appreciated.

D.R. – Surrey

I found meeting you most helpful. You kindly and efficiently found the nub of the problem. I am glad I have met you.

R.M. – East Sussex

This letter is to confirm that the sale of the practice has now been completed and my partner and myself would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your assistance and the professional manner in which you have dealt with the sale.

My partner and I both appreciate the very difficult conditions under which this sale was affected, due to the present financial climate, and we feel sure that if it had not been for your professional attitude and your expertise in this matter the sale would probably never have materialised.

L.J. Merseyside

I am certain that the comprehensive and efficient manner in which the work was carried out and the excellent assistance given to me during the conduct of the negotiations resulted in the transaction being completed in a most satisfactory and admirab1e manner.

R.J. – Shropshire

In a difficult market you have been able to introduce a purchaser who has been able to complete.

In my opinion matters were dealt with in a friendly and professional manner making the transaction as smooth as possible in the circumstances.

J.M. – Berkshire

May I thank you for the part you played in this and although you acted for the vendors you were of great assistance to ourselves and provided all the information that we could have wanted and I can assure you that we will certainly contact you again when we feel in an acquisitive mood.

M.P. – Surrey

Mr. Dinshaw negotiated an association between my present partners and myself which, I am pleased to confirm, has proved to be completely successful. During the course of negotiations (which Mr. Dinshaw handled personally) my partners and I were impressed by the time devoted, and the care and skill with which the transaction was handled. I am happy to recommend him unreservedly.

I.H. – Shropshire

Now that the dust has begun to settle following the Successful sale of my Practice on 26th September, I Want to take this opportunity of recoding in writing my personal and sincerest thanks to you and Mack for all your help in bringing this about.

That you were able to negotiate for us the terms you did (including consultancies in the successor practice in exactly the terms my partner and I were seeking) against the background of unprecedented economic upheaval in testament indeed to your professionalism.

At the outset you set our very clearly what you could Do for us, and in such a confident way that it was hard to resist instructing on the spot, I am so glad we did not take very long to make up our minds and decide that if anyone could help us sell our Practice and conduct the sale in the way we wanted, it was you. Not for one moment we regret that decision.

You showed tact when tact was needed, absolute discretion and unstinting loyalty at all times, and supreme confidence whenever ours was wavering.

You remained in regular contact when things were quiet and took a step back whenever that was appropriate, but never were you out of touch and always had “a finger on the pulse.??? You were available to attend meetings at our offices whatever time of day without question, and, more importantly prepared and able to answer any questions without be buyers threw at us.

in the end we fully appreciated the full and thorough information gathering process you required us to undertake at the very beginning, and what an integral part of the negotiation process that information was; another testament to your professionalism.

Now, even after the event, and when many would have walked away satisfied that the job was done, you have been at pains to let us know that we can still call upon your expertise and support should we need to.

Obviously the process of selling a Practice built up over 23 years is never going to be easy, but having made the decision to sell, we could not have placed ourselves in safer hands.

B.H. – Berkshire

The speed and thoroughness with which the investigation was conducted and the Report produced was most helpful. The continuing interest that you have shown in assisting over this difficult period has also been very much appreciated.

J.D. – London

After I first contacted you, a meeting was arranged with Neville’s at my office on a Saturday so that he could prepare a Practice Profile for my firm. The meeting lasted about four and half an hours and he also wanted me to look up and collate a lot of other information about my firm. The time and effort was all worth it as you ultimately prepared and produced a very thorough and informative profile which considerably reduced the further enquiries which prospective purchasers needed to raise. Also, all the prospective purchasers were very complimentary about the quality and detail of the profile.

There were a lot of questions that I had about the sale process, all of which you were able to answer to my satisfaction, and I found the following particularly helpful :-

1. Your confirmation that you would not only find a purchaser but also deal with the subsequent negotiations.

2. Your confirmation that you could assist with the drafting of the necessary Sale/Consultancy Agreements at no extra charge.

3. Your assurance that “I would sell my practice.???

We did of course have two prospective sales which after a lot of work by you and me proved abortive for various reasons. I admired your patience and your resolve that we would just have to start again and not be disheartened.

The third prospective sale went through no completion on pretty much the terms you have recommended and which I wanted and again I found your acting as experienced intermediaries in the negotiations to be invaluable.

Selling a solicitors practice is something which we only want to have to do once and you therefore provide a fairly unique service for which I was very grateful. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any fellow solicitors who might be considering the disposal of their practice….

H.L. – Middlesex

I am today paying your commission and thought I would send a letter to thank you for your help throughout this matter. As a sole practitioner I am heavily committed to work and do not think I could have achieved the sale without the assistance of professional help. You were certainly very professional and acted in my best interest throughout. You recommended a sale price which I accepted and in a difficult market the sale proceeded reasonably quickly to completion. You were always available and you were attentive to key points in the negotiations. I thank you again.

P.K.K. – Hertfordshire

Thank you to you both for your time, effort and support in presenting at our “first??? annual conference for Connect2Law, it was very much appreciated. Your presentation was very well received by our members, giving them comprehensive guidance on how to get their businesses in shape for selling, and consideration of factors before selling and expanding on the whole “sale??? procedure.

I do hope that you enjoyed the event and again thank you for your contribution in making our conference a success and an enjoyable gathering for our members.

Connect2Law Conference – Lincolnshire

I would like to express my gratitude at the way you handled the take- over of my practice. A great deal of hard work and expertise was involved in the satisfactory disposal of my firm. Thank you very much indeed. Your friendly advice and help throughout was most welcome and very much appreciated.

P.S. – Derbyshire

Since the start of our negotiations, you have provided an excellent service and always been available to deal with the various queries which have arisen. I am also grateful for your help in drafting the Agreements and negotiating with our Buyer. I would have no hesitation in recommending your firm to anyone else who was contemplating selling their practice.

K.E. – Middlesex

Thank you – after thirty years of waiting for giving me back my husband. I would like to recommend to any neglected wife that she urge her husband to put his business in your hands. In you I have not only found a brilliant negotiator but a new friend.

V.T. – West Midlands

When I approached you, I was at my wits’ end. I was running a small (5-fee earner) profitable country practice, but it was profitable only as a result of my own endeavours , and due to the age of the fee earners, its life expectancy was limited. The practice would have to have been rebuilt in a year or two, and, having run it for about 18 years, I did not relish that challenge, nor did I have the capital to finance the process. Only eighteen months ago, I was offered a practice by a sole practitioner who wanted to retire, and there was nothing in it – I foresaw the same situation befalling me. And nobody pays for a solicitor’s practice these days – or so I believed. A hopeless void loomed in front of me. Your firm, measured and methodical approach manifested itself in our first conversation – when you told me how the transaction would be handled, and what you need me to do. I confess to being surprised when you said that I could be paid something for the practice – but on that score, too, you were right. Likewise, you asked me at the outset whether I wanted you to introduce a purchaser, or to find a purchaser and conduct the negotiations. I chose to ask you to find a purchaser and to handle the negotiations and that was one of the best decisions I ever made – I could never even have achieved a sale, let alone one on the terms you negotiated for me.

You assessed the value of the business ,agreed a price with me and held out for that price. The first purchaser to contract to pay the price got the business – there was never any issue of “horse trading???. As a result, the transactions was straightforward, clean and simple.

What you achieved with the ultimate purchaser is beyond my wildest dreams. I am “out from under the pile,??? freed of the burdens of administration and a partner’s responsibilities and with the prospect of a consultancy whereby I can do the work I enjoy in the knowledge that I will not be devoting those efforts simply to ensure that less dynamic souls get paid.

In conclusion, the best decision I have ever taken was to ask you to sell the practice. I would recommend anybody thinking of selling their firm, or their interest in one, to instruct you. The professionalism shown by the two of you took most of the worry and strain of the sale off our shoulders. For all that you did, and the way in which you did it, my wife and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts: now, we will have a life.

J.S. – Gloucestershire

I thought I would take this opportunity to write to you to thank you for your efforts in the sale of the non-contentious part of my firm. I am certain that without your help I would not have got very far and indeed now probably been in difficulties.

I was particularly pleased with the way both you and your son, Neville, dealt with things in a professional manner and were always available either to attend meetings or to answer the telephone at almost all times of the day and night. This personal attention to a difficult transaction was very much appreciated.

I was also impressed that you dealt with the various personalities with firmness and fairness. It was not always easy because, of course, a number of other people felt that things should have been done differently, whereas you never lost sight of the interest of the person for who you were acting namely me.

M.T. – Cambridgeshire

I would just like to say that, as you know, completion of The merger took place last Tuesday and I would like to thank you for all the assistance which you gave to make the merger so successful. When you first arrived in the Office, having had the details of assets, liabilities and trading records, you declared to me a price at which you would sale the Practice and you quite confidently said it would not be less than that figure. I was surprised by the amount which you were trying to achieve and my Office Manager did not have confidence in the figures you suggested. I was utterly delighted by the way that you introduced the new firm to me and as a result of the negotiations you achieved a higher price than that which you set out at the outset of the transaction.

Both you and Neville were always at the end of the telephone to guide my hand also to assist the Purchaser. Towards the end, you provided us with a contract which fitted the transaction entirely and we only had to complete minor modifications on it for it to be in presentable from both for myself as the Vendor and for the Purchaser.

G.H. – Cambridgeshire

I am very grateful to you both for expert help and advice. I must confess I started off thinking that the practice would be very difficult to dispose of, whereas in the event it all went through quite easily. I particularly appreciated your help in the negotiations as to the terms of sale. I am now looking forward to less pressure, more time with grandchildren, and more holiday. The first holiday starts in two weeks time!

P.W. – Wiltshire

I would like to personally place on record how very impressed I was by the professionalism of your approach to our situation and of course, how very pleased I am with the result. I do believe that without your hard work in producing a suitable prospectus containing all of the relevant information that a prospective acquirer of our practice would have need, that we would have struggled considerably and may indeed never have achieved the result that have been achieved. You may indeed use his letter as you see fit and again I would like to thank you and Mack very much indeed for your hard work and support throughout.

M.A. – East Yorkshire

I had heard of your reputation as a “Dealmaker??? in the Legal Profession little realising you spread your wings abroad.

Thank you very much for your introduction to the practice for sale in Tonga. As you know the vendor took your advice and my acquisition of his practice will commence by way of merger in September 1997 leading to a complete acquisition by myself in March 1998.

I was very impressed with your painstaking manner in preparing the comprehensive profile on the practice for sale. I am sure it is your professionalism and aim for exactness that enabled me to go ahead with this venture. Your going all the way to Tonga to write a detailed profile together with the article you prepared, “Living & Working in Tonga??? enabled me to take a view in advance of my visit to Tonga. My working holiday to the island confirmed the accuracy of the profile and thereafter it was only a case of satisfying formalities. I can now see the wisdom of your insistence of visiting all practices who wish to instruct you for sale, merger etc.

J.M. – Tonga, South Pacific Ocean

Despite having to work to a very tight time constraint, I am very pleased with the success you achieved. You valued the practice and obtained the asking price. Your negotiations with the purchaser were fair and firm and your attendance at the difficult meetings I had with the purchaser was much appreciated, the end result being, the practice was sold to a partnership. I have much time and regard for and the financial settlement was very well received.

I would thoroughly recommend your service to a law firm seeking such a disposal.

A.B. – West Sussex

I am writing to thank you personally for all the help and assistance that you have given me in respect of my problems. I must say that I was particularly impressed with the speed in which you acted which was particularly helpful in the circumstances.

It was a very stressful period in my life and one which I could not have come through without your assistance.

G.C. – Northamptonshire

From the outset you were able to inspire confidence in your business acumen and negotiating skills and this took away the stress from both myself and my wife. Moreover you stated that you would achieve and did in fact obtain a price which exceeded my expectations. Throughout the transaction you never failed to keep me fully informed by telephone and letter of the exact situation. This enabled my wife and I got to on holiday knowing that the matter was in safe hands. Also you kept up the momentum which is so important in maintaining progress. You always made yourself available in dealing with problems as they arose and right up to completion of the transaction.

B.T. – West Midlands

I have been impressed with your loyalty and support throughout and by you keeping us fully informed by your telephone calls and copy correspondence. You relieved us of all the stress and worry involved throughout the transaction and we also very much appreciated your negotiating ability which achieved a good result, and your general advice outside office hours as well as you drafting all the documents required for the transaction.

F.H.- Cardiff

I would like to express to you both my grateful thanks for all the skills and expertise you have used in achieving the sale of my practice. The circumstances were not completely straightforward but with your experience and patience you were able to put together a deal which satisfied both me and my buyer. It will allow me to cut down my working week and merge into a gentle retirement leaving me sufficient to occupy my time profitably and pleasurably.

B.B. Surrey

Three and a half months after the completion of the disposal of the practice your continuing help in this matter has been quite invaluable and I am sure it would have been very difficult to produce a successful resolution without it.

M.R. Buckinghamshire

Your assistance in the protracted negotiations was invaluable and I confirm that I was most impressed with the level of support and your negotiating skills. I was very happy with the outcome and am looking Forward to my retirement from practice and relishing the free time which completion of the scale will bring.

D.W. Devon

Ok. You guys think you’re sitting smugly in the office contemplating that you have done a good job. Well, alright I will concede it wasn’t half bad.

At the outset you set a price on the Practice, as a result of which I put my money on you achieving it -with Ladbrokes and Mecca, who offered me odds of 6 to 4. The deal has been done, exchange of contracts and completion have taken place and the monies have been paid over. Ladbrokes are paying out later on today….

Many thanks for all your help….

G.H. Cambridgeshire

Both my wife and I realise the very difficult Conditions under which this sale was effected and That over the months it took, it would certainly never Have gone through without your efforts, expertise and professionalism going into it. There was also the very stressful last week and all the additional work and efforts you both put into the final meetings to ensure that all the documents were properly dealt with.

M.R. Buckinghamshire

You decide to sell a solicitor’s practice that has been the centre of your life for nearly 25 years and, talk about entering the unknown.

If you think there is any comparison with an ordinary sale and purchase, forget it- there is not; there are literally over a thousand things to think about and achieve.

And if you think you can do all this on your own, Forget that too!  You need help and the help I found Was in the shape of Mack and Neville Dinshaw of Law Mergers & Acquisitions. What a team and what Knowledge and experience they have between them.

Like me they don’t suffer fools easily but they are Always prepare to do their best to achieve what you Would like to achieve even, if you suspect they do not Always agree with you. Apart from their Professionalism,  their willingness to travel and to always be there just for a chat is so reassuring.

One of the best thing I have ever done was to sell; the Other was to ask Mack and Neville to help me.

J.S. Kent

I have no hesitation in recommending you and your team to any Law Firms thinking of mergers, acquisitions etc.  You worked long and hard on our particular project and brought success even when this seemed impossible to achieve.

C. C. Shropshire

Thank you for calling at your offices last week and for resolving the dispute between the four of us. As you know matters had begun to go down the “legal??? route and it appeared to all of us that the situation was insoluble. Due to your efforts all four of us are very pleased to the outcome. We are all substantially better off financially and, equally importantly, we are all able to remain good friends.

V. B Cardiff

I am sure that the negotiations in which you were involved were largely responsible for my avoiding having to take dissolution proceedings and the end result, which I am sure I could not have obtained without your assistance, was very pleasing to me.

….once again, thank you for your valued help and support.

R. H. Hertfordshire

Further to the completion of our merger we thank you for all your help in this matter. A potentially difficult process was made much less daunting and worrying. Clearly the starting point was the helpful valuation you provided.

In particular we would like to thank you for the support and guidance that you provided during our negotiations. This allowed us to reach mutually agreeable and mutually beneficial terms. An added advantage was the way you facilitated our meetings with our prospective colleagues. This enabled us to start building harmonious relationships that are now a real benefit to the merged organization.

J. V. London

I then saw Neville’s Mack’s advertisement in the Law Society Gazette and I gave them a ring. A buyer Was soon found and a sale was soon completed. The Service I was given by Neville and Mack was excellent. They know the job of buying and selling solicitors practices. I can certainly recommend their
use to anybody who is considering disposing of their practice or who requires a valuation.

J. B. Yorkshire

I recall… you would be able to find a suitable Purchaser for the Practice but that the only thing you Could not be sure of was whether the Practice would Sell inside a month or twelve months. In the event and through pressure of work I delayed giving you instructions to commence marketing the property until February of this year. Not only did you find a Purchaser who has subsequently completed his purchase of Practice, you also found two other prospective Buyers one of whom was prepared to meet the asking price. From meeting the successful Purchaser you managed to achieve an Exchange of Contracts within two weeks and a completion within Four weeks of an exchange. Throughout the process You were always on hand, you kept me fully informed As to developments and always returned calls if you were unavailable when the call was made. I have to say that the whole process was seamless and I have found you and Mack supportive, courteous and reassuring at all times. I recall seeing a letter from another of your successful Clients who made the point that you had given he and his Wife “their lives back.??? Having got to the other side of the sale process I can Certainly echo those sentiments.

A. F. West Yorkshire

We confirm that a settlement of the financial issues as  between… was achieved at Court. We confirm that your very valuable assistance was a positive factor in  assisting negotiations on behalf of…We are particularly pleased that you were able to take these instructions at short notice and provide a helpful and coherent response within a tight timescale at a cost which we consider to be reasonable in the circumstances.

We would have no hesitation in using you again and  confirm that we have now recorded you within our system of approved experts in relation of this area of work.

A. P. East Sussex

As you know, at my age I faced considerable uncertainty in the context of a relatively small sole practice. Not only did you introduce me to a solicitor willin to enter in to a merger arrangement, you were readily available on the telephone and returned my calls promptly and dealt with me with efficiency and courtesy

J. R. Teeside

I would like to thank you..for your assistance during this sale and negotiations. I am satisfied with the outcome and grateful for the co-operation and professionalism of your firm during the negotiations.

I have already passed your name on to one other sole practitioner who maybe consulting you initially with regard to a valuation of their business but obviously I will leave them to contact you direct.

T. S. East Sussex

I write to thank you for finding a purchaser for … & Co. so quickly. Practitioners nearing retirement are well aware of the potential difficulties in disposing of their practices and I thought long and hard about who to appoint to effect a sale. I contacted another Selling Agent and came to the conclusion that you were more “switched on” and professional in your approach: it is clear that i chose the right firm

You were helpful, thorough and efficient and you produced sales particulars which clearly impressed the Solicitors who expressed an interest in the purchase of my practice.

The Sales Particulars were well presented and professional and your service – in terms of telephone contact, negotiation and back up generally – was excellent: you were available at all times to advise and i found this very reassuring

I can certainly recommend your organisation to other potential sellers of their practices – particularly those who are looking to retire and act as Consultants to successor practices for a period of time

B. H. from Essex

I write to thank you for helping to bring the sale of my practice to a satisfactory conclusion and to let you know that I am glad that I engaged you for this purpose.

Perhaps your greatest contribution has been in taking most of the stress and relieving me of much of the worry.  It is often difficult for a solicitor to rely on and trust someone else’s judgement, but from the outset I have been able to be absolutely confident of your loyalty and professionalism and I have been very happy to let you get on with the job in my best interests.

S. W. Dorset