Involved in a partnership and unsure of your rights/responsibilities?

Are you in dispute?

Working in close proximity, sharing the stresses and strains of running a business can sometimes result in bitter or hostile situations.

Emotions can run high when partners leave practices – whether of their own choosing or not.
Common differences of opinion include:

  • Poor performance of partners
  • Value of goodwill
  • Classification of partnership
  • Personal assets
  • Balances on partners’ current and capital accounts.

***This list is by no means exhaustive***

We will help you settle disputes in an amicable and cost-effective manner without resort to bitter and acrimonious litigation.  We use proactive and approachable means to achieve our clients’ goals and desires.  We will find resolutions to our clients’ predicaments which are not always obvious.  We will clarify the issues in dispute and make the relevant parties focus on the matters in hand.