This is where a department (or an entire smaller firm) joins an existing firm.  Larger firms’ acquisition strategy often focuses on bolt-ons.  Often the larger firm does not practise in the specialist area in which the newcomers excel; alternatively a bolt-on serves to expand current departments.

Bolt-ons ensure expansion through acquisition as opposed to organic growth.

  • Most businesses rely solely on organic means to achieve growth and success.  All too often, the benefits that can be achieved through growth by acquisition and merger are ignored or simply go unrecognised
  • Regardless of whether your requirements are a one-off merger or a long-term expansion programme, we can explore tactfully and discreetly identify suitable targets, locally or nationally
  • We can recognise a suitable acquisition target and by bolting this on to an existing infrastructure, businesses are often able to achieve a much faster growth than would otherwise have been achieved by organic means
  • With our nationwide database, Law Mergers & Acquisitions will help you find the perfect firm for a bolt-on
  • We will facilitate all aspects of the transaction.